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Summer: The Ideal Season for Cultivating These 5 Flowering Plants

However, plant enthusiasts often face disappointment due to many reasons. Which includes inadequate selection of plants, improper care and insufficient knowledge.

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Summer is all about warmth, sunshine, and a burst of colors in gardens. This is an ideal time to grow a diverse range of blooming plants. certain plants only thrive in the summer months, adding beauty and charm to the garden. However, plant enthusiasts often face disappointment due to many reasons. Which includes inadequate selection of plants, improper care and insufficient knowledge. To guide you to explore five top plants from our wild Orchid florist Tulsa, along with tips and guidelines for ensuring their health and vitality.

Hydrangea Plant: The Summer Spectacle

Hydrangeas are well known for their large, lush clusters of flowers. Varieties like Hydrangea macrophylla or Hydrangea paniculata offer a range of colors. According to our broken arrow florist Hydrangeas prefer well-drained soil and partial shade protects them from the intense sun. Regular watering and pruning after flowering encourages new growth. It also helps in continuous display of blossoms throughout the summer months. Moreover, with our flower delivery tulsa, you can get the best Hydrangeas right at your doorstep.


Blooming Azalea Plant, also known as “The Flowers of the Gods”, is a popular choice for summer flower garden. They Known for their ruffled petals and sweet fragrance. They bring a hint of sophistication to any garden. Flourishing in well-drained soil and abundant sunlight, with consistent watering and timely removal of faded flowers, they can offer an unbroken show of color all summer long.

Rose: The Summer Classic

Roses from our flower shops in tulsa OK are a classic addition to any summer garden. With their various shades and intoxicating fragrance, roses like Rosa ‘Summer Sunshine’ make a great addition to any garden space. Roses grow in well-drained soil and require moderate sunlight to bloom. Regular watering, feeding, and pruning help in the continuous growth of the plant, ensuring a captivating display of blooms and glossy foliage throughout the summer.

Sunflower: The Summer Giant

Sunflowers are renowned plants for summer season. They are known for their towering height and vibrant yellow blooms. Sunflowers grow ideally in well-drained soil and require plenty of sunlight to bloom. Consistent watering and periodic removal of spent flowers contribute to the plant's ongoing growth. Beyond their aesthetic allure, sunflowers also draw in helpful pollinators.

Orchid: The Spring Bloomer

Orchids are often associated with spring. But their certain varieties can bloom well with other summer flowers. With their elegant shape and vibrant colors, orchid-like purples ones can add a touch of sophistication to your summer garden. Regular watering and deadheading after flowering encourage new growth .

Advantages of Growing Blooming Plants in the Summer Season

Cultivating flowering plants during the sunny season brings a host of advantages for both the gardener and our ecosystem. Selecting the right plants for summer enhances more than the visual charm of your garden. They also help in drawing in helpful pollinators. Which fosters biodiversity and a healthier ecosystem. Moreover, the act of gardening in these warm months serves as a therapeutic activity. offering a sense of accomplishment through the beauty it creates. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate the surrounding beauty.


Summer presents a perfect opportunity for all plant enthusiasts to cultivate a diverse range of flourishing plants. These plants are an excellent choice for creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. If you’re a plant lover looking to transform your space into a lush paradise, explore our website at www.wildorchidflorist.com. You can choose from a wide range of summer flowering plants. Let us assist you in creating a garden that is not only visually appealing but also thrives in the summer heat.

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