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How To Choose Perfect Flowers for Every Occasion

With their beautifully mesmerizing appearance they brighten our lives and fill it with their soothing fragrance.

  • Occasion Flowers

There are multiple ways in which people celebrate different occasions but one thing that is most of the time common in our happy as well as sad days are flowers. Flowers have never failed and have always proven to be a great present. With their beautifully mesmerizing appearance they brighten our lives and fill it with their soothing fragrance.

Here is a list from wild orchid florist for all your occasions -


You can go ahead and thoughtfully curate a bouquet made up of vibrant, colorful and meaningful flowers to send warm wishes on your loved one's special day while keeping in mind to select the flowers that suit the recipient's personal style to wish them the happiest birthday of all. You can pick an arrangement of peonies or gerberas without any second thought. Also roses and tulips will help you express your happiness.

Sympathy & Funeral

Sympathy flowers tulsa are a beautiful way to convey your sincere condolences in the midst of a friend or family member's demise. Flowers offer solace to the deceased's family through their most trying times. You can pick a flower like Lilies that represents the soul of the deceased and its return to a serene, innocence. Orchids in shades of pink and white are frequently used to convey sympathy and symbolize enduring love.


One of the most memorable days in your relationship is your anniversary. This occasion is ideal for expressing your love and commitment to your relationship. You may make this moment even more significant and unique by using a flower from wedding florist tulsa to represent the number of years you have been married. For example: for 1st anniversary carnations a symbol of young and forever love, for 5th go for daisies a symbol of strong bond and for 5th Iris a symbol of Faith and a happy marriage.

Mother’s Day

One of the nice presents you can give your mother on this special occasion are flowers. However, it can occasionally be daunting to select the ideal flowers for the most important woman in your life. Classic carnations are a well-liked option for Mother's Day flowers because of the vast range of colors available at flower shops in tulsa. They also have a longer vase life, so mums may enjoy them for up to weeks! Your mom will surely smile when she receives these bright and colorful flowers. They also stand for thankfulness, admiration, and beauty.

Thank You

When you want to express your gratitude to someone who has helped you out or offered their support or when you want to appreciate someone's mere presence, flowers are the perfect gift. The tulsa florist has something special for you. Alstroemerias, begonias, or daffodils will work well to express gratitude for their continuous support. As they are known to be the symbol of gratitude.

New Baby

Giving flowers on the joyous occasion of celebrating the birth of a new life is a great idea. Nothing beats a bright and vibrant bouquet of yellow flowers to congratulate new parents. Yellow flowers represent a brand new day, while flowers with wide petals signify new beginnings or the emergence of something precious. Sunflowers, daisies, and daffodils are great options to choose from.

Get Well

Flowers are a wonderful way to show your support to someone who is not well and wish them well on their road to recovery. When you wish to brighten a hospital room with color, light, and freshness, daisies are the perfect flowers to give. Radiant peonies are renowned for promoting healing in the language of flowers and are a lovely way to express your feelings of comfort and compassion.

Now no matter what the occasion is, you are sorted with what flowers to pick and cheer up the people around you. Place your order now.

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